Someone Else's Junk

May 21, 2021


Someone Else's Junk

Junk King Northwest Arkansas

Junk King, a company out of California, has opened its first franchise location in Northwest Arkansas. Now when you miss city bulk collection days (like we tend to), you have an alternative that not only gets rid of it but tries to recycle it.

  • Why the king? Junk King is an eco friendly junk removal company that comes to your door to remove your junk. As opposed to just dropping your junk in a landfill, they collect, recycle, and repurpose 60% of the junk collected.
  • Quote: “Helping people get rid of their unwanted junk in a sustainable and eco-friendly way is the most important aspect of our job.”

We're glad someone is passionate about our trash. Read the full article HERE.

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