Springdale's Outdoor Dining District is a Win for Local Businesses

April 10, 2021


Springdale's Outdoor Dining District is a Win for Local Businesses

NWA Daily

According to a recent report by the Downtown Springdale Alliance, the city's Outdoor Dining District has been a success among local businesses. In addition, on April 29, DSA will host a series of free outdoor concerts at Walter Turnbow Park, which are set to start at 6pm on the last Thursday of the month, from April to September.

  • Quote: “We all feel like it’s been a home run... the downtown businesses, bars, restaurants and retail have all reported that it’s made a big positive impact on their businesses. In the first four months, we had almost 10,000 to-go cups that were served," said Jill Dabbs, Executive Director for Downtown Springdale Alliance.

  • Sexy Success: Chef Brent Hale, owner of Big Sexy Food, says the district has boosted business big time. He also mentioned that most of his customers aren't aware of the district when they come in. "Once they hear about it and they pick their jaw up off the ground, saying ‘Hey, I can actually take a drink out of here,’ they’re pretty stoked about it,” he said.

  • Going Green: There is also little to no evidence of litter due to the district either, Chef Hale said. Downtown Springdale Alliance recently partnered with Food Loops to offer compostable cups that customers can dispose of throughout the district.

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