State COVID-19 Restrictions Change After Drop in Cases

February 18, 2021


State COVID-19 Restrictions Change After Drop in Cases

Arkansas Department of Health

Governor Asa Hutchinson announced in a statement on Tuesday that certain COVID-19 restrictions concerning large indoor and outdoor events and sporting events have been modified after a decrease in new cases across the state.

  • Previously, the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) must approve a submitted plan for events with 10 or more attendees. The updated directive now allows for events to have up to 100 attendees without submitting a plan.
  • Gov. Hutchinson said the directive does not include restaurants, but does cover outdoor venues for commercial, community, or civic events and activities where an audience, spectators, or a gathering of people are present, such as at concerts, weddings, plays, sporting events, rodeos (yee-haw), races, fundraisers, parades, fairs, livestock shows, auctions, carnivals and festivals. -5 News
  • School and community sporting events now follow an updated directive allowing competitions with two or more teams, but plans must still be approved by the ADH. The host venue is responsible for adhering to COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.
  • More information on the indoor and outdoor events directive can be found HERE, along with the updated sporting events directive HERE.

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