DTWN Now Sits Down With Steuart Walton For Interview

December 21, 2021

Sponsored by Downtown Bentonville Inc.

DTWN Now Sits Down With Steuart Walton For Interview

A.B. Lewis Photography courtesy of Downtown Bentonville Inc

Downtown Bentonville Inc. and its digital storytelling project DWTN Now recently wrapped up their final installment of a three-part interview with Steuart Walton of Bentonville.

  • One-on-one: Filmed in the middle of the Bentonville Square, the hour-long conversation will give you insight into the investments happening in Northwest Arkansas and Steuart's vision for the future of the region he calls home.
  • The church potluck: The three-parts interview, past, present, and future of Bentonville, showcases the history of the town's traditions with a positive outlook of the region's direction with an invite for all to be involved.

You can catch DWTN Now every Saturday morning at 8:30am on KNWA.

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