Strider Bikes in Downtown Bentonville

January 27, 2021


Strider Bikes in Downtown Bentonville

NWA Daily

For years, Bentonville has been the self-proclaimed "Mountain Biking Capital of the World." Today, those claims seem to be reinforced by some of the biggest heavy-hitters in the industry, leaving the question of what's next for the area?

  • Tom Walton, an avid mountain biker and philanthropist, said the distinction comes after years of intentional work by the city and community leaders. Strider Bikes will open its first location outside of the headquarters in downtown Bentonville.
  • Adding to that statement, Strider Bikes announced yesterday they will be opening an office in Downtown Bentonville between Kyya and the Five & Dime.
  • The downtown store will include a "learn to ride" area for kids, ages 6 months to 7 years, to come into the store and test ride before they buy. This is about to be the cutest store in Bentonville.

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