Students Complete Consultation For B-Corps Certification

January 20, 2022


Students Complete Consultation For B-Corps Certification

NWA Daily

A group of MBA and doctoral level graduate students known as the People, Planet, and Profit Project team, P4 team for short, recently completed a student run pilot consultancy project with Bentonville based Markham & Fitz.

  • For good: The P4 team set out to consult a small NWA business on how to obtain B-certification status. Due to its values of social and environmental performance, Markham & Fitz was a perfect pilot company and is expected to receive its B-Corp certification this year. 
  • Change: P4 is under the University of Arkansas’ Graduate Net Impact chapter and is an Arkansas Global Changemakers initiative. The initiative aims to bring communities together by enhancing the local solutions to global challenges. 

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