The Beach at Bentonville

August 28, 2021

Arts & Culture

The Beach at Bentonville

NWA Daily

Modern artists and their art exhibits are constantly expanding the definition of what art is and how it can be displayed. The Momentary in Bentonville is in the lineup for the first U.S. showings of a Golden Lion Award winning installation of art. 

  • The space between: Sun & Sea is an indoor beach opera by an all-female creative team who focus on how “theater, music, and the visual arts intertwine.” 
  • Get in on it: The Momentary will be transforming the interior Tower space, importing 25 tons of sand and inviting 13 vocalists to put on the 60 minute show Oct 6-9. Tickets are available to museum members today and nonmembers starting Monday. 

Learn more and get Tickets HERE

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