Benton County Fair Brings The Community Together

September 29, 2022


Benton County Fair Brings The Community Together

Benton County Fair

The 118th Benton County Fair kicked off last night and will last through Saturday, bringing the community together for fun and providing a gathering place for the community to showcase their products and skills.

  • Education: Experience livestock shows, home arts, horticulture, and agronomy exhibits as county residents compete for honors and awards. Through programs like Pasture to Plate, youth can learn about direct-to-consumer marketing and purchases and the community can reward future producers for their success in raising locally grown food.
  • Entertainment: Get your funnel cakes, hop on the Ferris wheel, and enjoy nightly performances by bands like Butler Creek Boys, Divas on Fire, Kevin Upshaw & One Night Stand, and Midnight South

Find more info and a fair schedule HERE

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