From 5 to 4

June 5, 2021


From 5 to 4

NWA Daily

Surprise, surprise...Walmart, Tyson, and J.B. Hunt made the Fortune 500 list again for 2021. This is the 9th year in a row all three have appeared on the list; however, there were some slight changes.

  • Who else? Outside of the Big 3 in our backyard, one other Arkansas based company made the list - Murphy USA.
  • Movin' on up: J.B. Hunt displaced Murphy USA to become the 3rd highest ranked company in the state.
  • Honorable mention: Dillard's fell below the 500 threshold, joining Windstream and ArcBest as the group of Fortune 1,000 businesses in the state.

You can read more about the Arkansas companies on the list HERE or see the full list HERE.

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