The Master Plan

August 20, 2021


The Master Plan

NWA Daily

Since 2019, the city of Fayetteville has been collaborating with the community to plan some major improvements for a stretch of Hwy 71B (School Ave & College Ave). The 71B Corridor Master Plan, which was released in June, is focused on reshaping the road many use on a daily basis.

  • Phase 1: The first phase of the project will improve segments of 71B between North St. and Township, and between Cato Springs and South School Ave. These improvements include reconfiguring lanes, upgrading intersections, and creating safer sidewalks.
  • Full scope: The city hopes that this project will leave the highway better equipped to adapt to the rapid growth of the area.

Learn more about the Hwy 71B Corridor Plan and what it entails HERE.

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