The New Nice List?

November 20, 2021


The New Nice List?

NWA Daily

Fayetteville is one of 95 cities across the globe that the CDP recognized as an ‘A List’ city. 

  • Targets: The A List is comprised of leading cities in the fight against climate change — cities that are making progress toward ambitious goals. An A List city is also one that publicly discloses its city-wide emissions inventory, has a published climate action plan, and has an adaption plan to climate vulnerability and hazards.
  • Momentum: Fayetteville is right there with the other A List cities, identifying opportunities for sustainability and clean technology. A couple of Fayetteville’s goals are to divert 40% of waste from the landfill by 2027, and have 100% clean energy by 2050. 

Learn more about Fayetteville’s accomplishments HERE

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