The Only Upward Graph We Want

March 26, 2021


The Only Upward Graph We Want

NWA Daily (Pinnacle Hills Promenade; Rogers)

Despite many barriers, cumulative sales tax revenue for the month of January in the NWA region rose to $6.707M - this is the strongest for the month of January on record.

  • Working our way north to south, Bentonville's sales tax revenue in January was $1.614M. This is $500k more than last January's which hit $1.095M. Over the last 90 days of reports (Nov 20 - Jan 21), Bentonville reported revenue of $5.211M. This is a gain of more than $1.13M over the same period last year. Talk Business & Politics

  • Rogers, although still growing, had the narrowest increase of sales tax revenue reported for January 2021. January revenue rose 4.04% from the previous year to $1.656M. Mayor Hines and the City had positive thoughts and said the "City is in strong financial shape despite" the pandemic.

  • Springdale continues to see strong growth as the City's revenue grew 21.013% from the previous January totaling $1.461M. Mayor Sprouse claims the revenue increase is connected with residents spending money locally. #supportlocal

  • Finally, Fayetteville reported $1.973M in revenue for January 2021, the second largest jump in the region with a 10.82% increase in revenue from the year before. Students returning to school typically boost this number each year.

You can read the full Talk Business & Politics report HERE

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