The Road from Highway to Interstate

May 25, 2021


The Road from Highway to Interstate

NWA Daily

On Friday (May 21), a bill was announced to designate U.S. Hwy 412 from I-35 in OK to Interstate 49 in Springdale as a future interstate.

  • What's the connection? With the Missouri-Arkansas Connector on track to be completed this fall as the north-south corridor running from Pineville, Mo., to Bentonville, east-west traffic flow is expected to increase.
  • ArDOT is currently studying how to connect the Bella Vista Bypass to the U.S. Highway 412 bypass to improve east-west traffic flow, impacting supply chain and regional commutes like traveling to and from the Tulsa airport or XNA.
  • Quote: “Connecting Northwest Arkansas and North Central Oklahoma will encourage economic development along this corridor and expand opportunities for employment in the region."

You can read the bill here.

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