The Symphony & Poetry Combine For A Free Performance

March 26, 2022

Music & Art

The Symphony & Poetry Combine For A Free Performance

Fayetteville Public Library

A pairing that just makes sense, the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas (SoNA) and poets from the Open Mouth Literary Center (OMLC), are partnering for a free performance next Saturday, April 2, at the Fayetteville Public Library Event Center. 

  • Words and music: The event is called SoNA Beyond: Transcending Words. SoNA singers will sing nine poems from poets with the OMLC, and three local poets will read poems that were written inspired by the music selected for the event. 
  • New age: The show is part of a SoNA series with the intent to stretch the possibilities of classical music, rethink what a symphony can do, and reach new audiences in new and innovative ways that include and immerse the NWA community. 

Click HERE for more information. 

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