Too Hot to Handle

July 23, 2021


Too Hot to Handle

Ozark Integrated Circuits

Local Fayetteville business, Ozark Integrated Circuits, is making (supersonic) waves. The company recently entered a 3 year contract with DARPA to develop computer technology for hypersonic aircraft.

  • That'll leave a mark: Hypersonic vehicles can reach temperatures up to 1,472 °F and hit speeds upwards of Mach 5. Ozark IC has been tasked with creating electronic systems to "operate reliably under high vibration and at these high temperatures for at least 50,000 hours."
  • (US)A: In collaboration multiple partners, Ozark IC is one link in the "robust supply chain" that is needed to make this project successful. It's also caught the eye of an Arkansas congressional representative.

Read more about the company and the technology HERE.

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