Tourism Sales Tax Grows In 2021

December 22, 2021


Tourism Sales Tax Grows In 2021

NWA Daily

Northwest Arkansas is growing as a tourist destination and we have the numbers to prove it. 

  • Breaking records: The hospitality tax collected from NWA and Arkansas as a whole show a rebound from 2020 and numbers beyond 2019 data. However, the number of jobs have not rebounded from records set in 2019 anywhere in Arkansas except in the NWA region. 
  • The numbers: Northwest Arkansas saw an average of 25,800 travel and tourism jobs from Jan-Aug this year. This is 100 more than the 2019 numbers, and up 7% compared to 2020. From last year, the tourism tax collections grew 39.7% in Benton County and 66.75% in Washington County. 

Find the full Tourism Ticker report by Talk Business & Politics HERE

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