The Traveling Bar

June 15, 2021

New Business

The Traveling Bar

Kombi Keg

A couple NWA folks have found a way to bring drinks to NWA from the back of their classic Volkswagen Kombi. The truck, Kombi Keg NWA, is the first of an Australia-based franchise to reach Arkansas.

  • The right vibe: The classic van offers a variety of drinks, ranging from iced tea to cocktails, and caters to different events, from weddings to community gatherings. This Kombi is equipped with a chilled wine trunk and six taps.
  • Make a stop: With most of its U.S. franchises located in southern California and Florida, Kombi Keg is a breath of coastal air in Arkansas. Welcome to the area!

Find out more about Kombi Keg NWA HERE.

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