Two Businesses Combine to Expand Unified Vision

December 23, 2021


Two Businesses Combine to Expand Unified Vision

NWA Daily

Two of Northwest Arkansas’ local businesses we know and love combined to make one nonprofit in an effort to do bigger and better things together. 

  • Expanded: Trailblazers and BikeNWA are now one entity: Trailblazers+ETHIC with Trailblazers focusing on trail development and maintenance and ETHIC, standing for Equity in Trails, Health, Infrastructure, and Community, is focusing on all things public engagement.
  • The latest: The nonprofit has recently installed free electronic bike locks and chargers on the North Forest lawn and is working on on-the-go custom charging cords. It has also made a new climb on the Northside of Coler called “The Lift” great for any level rider to end up at The Hub. The next two group rides are Jan. 1 and 2

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