Tyson Foods Relocating 1,000 Jobs To NWA

October 7, 2022


Tyson Foods Relocating 1,000 Jobs To NWA

NWA Daily

Yesterday, Tyson Foods announced that 1,000 of its corporate positions from its Chicago and Downers Grove, IL, and Dakota Dunes, SD, offices will be relocating to the Springdale headquarters site early next year. 

  • Expanding: The move will add nearly 1,000 corporate employees to the headquarters, which already hosts nearly 2,000, triggering a home office expansion that will take place over the next several years. 
  • Benefits: While the move will pose certain challenges both to Tyson and the NWA area as a whole, it will also bring many benefits: for Tyson, having one corporate office will foster a more cohesive corporate workforce, for NWA, bringing jobs in from other areas could give the local labor market a healthy boost. 

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