Virtual Fitting Room Coming To Walmart

March 4, 2022


Virtual Fitting Room Coming To Walmart

NWA Daily

Are you ever shopping for clothes online and you wish you could try things on before you purchased them? Well, with Walmart’s new acquisition, you can now have access to a virtual fitting room. 

  • Representation: Walmart is releasing Zeekit’s virtual fitting room technology to customers and it will be available on the Walmart app soon. The intention is that the digital “Choose My Model” experience will better replicate physical shopping. 
  • Shapes & sizes: The new feature will allow customers to pick from 50 models from 5’2” to 6’ and sizes XS-XXXL. Customers will also be able to pick the model that best represents their body shape and skin tone to see how clothes will look on them. 

Learn more HERE.

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