Walmart Picks Up the Pace

January 29, 2021


Walmart Picks Up the Pace

NWA Daily

Store 100 in Bentonville is looking to expand its capabilities and service to shoppers by adding a regional fulfillment warehouse to its 406 SW Walton Blvd store location.

  • Announced yesterday, the fulfillment warehouse will be mostly operated by bots or robotic shoppers that will collect the items once your order is placed. The overall process makes pick-up more effective and efficient for both parties.
  • Walmart responded to the pivot of online shopping and pick-up by hiring an estimated 500,000 new employees this past year. No word yet on when the facility will be built, but City has approved the add-on.
  • As an order online and pick-up shopper, I am curious how these bots will select produce..

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