Walmart Remains on Top

March 27, 2021


Walmart Remains on Top

NWA Daily

Walmart maintains the top spot on Kantar's top Global Retail Company for 2021. This rating system provides a unique look at the 50 most impactful international retailers based on their operations at the start of 2020.

  • How did they do it? Walmart continued to shift its business model to "align with a broader omni-channel approach to its market as it continued expanding into marketplace platforms and services on an international level." At the No. 1 spot, "Walmart reported $519 billion in sales revenue" for fiscal year 2020 - $120 billion of which was international revenue. Talk Business & Politics

  • David Marcotte, senior vice president of global insights at Kantar, said "shoppers around the world struggled to find what they needed under circumstances that changed weekly." Second place was retailer started with an "A" and ended with "mazon".

  • 6,146: The number of stores Walmart has internationally.

The full list can be found HERE

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