Walmart Reveals Final Plans For Two New Headquarter Buildings

April 9, 2022

Business & Health

Walmart Reveals Final Plans For Two New Headquarter Buildings

Walmart Inc.

The final plans for two amenity buildings on the Walmart corporate campus were revealed on Wednesday along with the Walton family’s investment of $225 million.

  • Amenity plans: In an effort to back the company’s mission and promise to “live better,” there will be a new 360,000 sq. ft Walton Family Whole Health & Fitness center and a new 73,000 sq. ft Child Care Center on the Walmart corporate campus. Child care was the most requested amenity from corporate associates. 
  • Features: The Whole Health & Fitness Center will include spaces for pickleball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, cricket, three swimming pools, yoga, weight training, and fitness rooms. The Child Care Center will support up to 500 children ranging from infants to Pre-K, and the care will be outsourced to a third party. 

For more information, click HERE. For a full, interactive campus tour, click HERE

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