Walmart's Name Continues To Be On Top

March 29, 2022


Walmart's Name Continues To Be On Top

NWA Daily

The man who proposed the name “Wal-Mart” passed away at 95 last Thursday, March 24. Now, 60 years after the first Wal-Mart signage went up, the retailer is the top in the world. 

  • How far they’ve come: The man who suggested Sam Walton use Wal-Mart as the name of what would become today’s Walmart was the first manager at Walton Five and Dime. There are now around 10,500 Walmart stores in 24 countries. 
  • On top: Walmart remains no.1 on the latest ‘Top 50 Global Retailers’ list by the National Retail Federation, which credited Walmart with leveraging its logistics network and making significant investments in third-party markets. 

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