Walton Family Foundation Pledges $2B in Philanthropy Efforts

February 10, 2021


Walton Family Foundation Pledges $2B in Philanthropy Efforts

NWA Daily

The Bentonville based Walton Family Foundation ("WFF") unveiled their strategic grant-making plan on Monday, pledging over $2 billion in philanthropic efforts over the next five years.

  • The five year plan also prioritizes three main goals: Championing community-driven change, prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion, and collaborating with partners to develop innovative approaches that bring people and ideas together from all walks of life.
  • According the the press release, the WFF will home in on three specific programs:
    • Home Region Program: Will advance economic & cultural vibrancy, foster inclusive growth, and support community leadership & capacity-building.
    • Environment Program: Initiatives will drive innovation, use markets to advance sustainability, encourage smart policy, and empower diverse allies.
    • K-12 Education Program: Aims to increase achievement & opportunity, foster diverse coalitions, and accelerate breakthrough innovation.
  • “To create meaningful and positive change in the communities we serve, we must first listen to and learn from those closest to the complex challenges. That insight will empower breakthrough ideas that are the building blocks for the big system change we hope to achieve," said WFF Executive Director Caryl M. Stern. -WFF

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