Washington Jr. High Approved for $1.5 Million Remodel

February 19, 2021


Washington Jr. High Approved for $1.5 Million Remodel

On Tuesday, the Bentonville School Board approved $1.5 million in renovation projects for Washington Jr. High in a 7-0 vote for phase two of the school's remodel.

  • The initial phase was completed last summer and included a full kitchen renovation, refinished gym floor, updated door hardware, bathroom partitions, and a new retention masonry wall on the west sidewalk and parking lot.
  • The next phase of the project is expected to break ground in March and will include a complete renovation of the athletic locker rooms, refurbished electrical switchgear in the main building, a new art room, and retractable visitor bleachers. -NWA Democrat-Gazette

Additionally, the Bentonville School District has plans to open a new elementary school for the 2022-2023 school year, located at 5301 S.W. Barron Road.

  • "Right now, we're a year-and-a-half away from opening the school," said Don Hoover, student services executive director. The district is also considering a new zone for the school that will potentially impact Centerton Gamble, Evening Star, Osage Creek and Willowbrook elementary schools. -NWA Democrat-Gazette
  • Things to keep in mind for developing the school zones are maintaining neighborhoods, future growth, acknowledging previous school zones and including as many Bella Vista families as possible in Cooper's school zone, Hoover said.

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