Watching the Clock

June 30, 2021


Watching the Clock

NWA Daily

Time is always a factor in the retail business. Walmart recently developed an app that will drastically cut times for certain tasks and is making it available to all its employees in the coming months through free cell phones.

  • The app: Me@Walmart was originally designed for employees to clock in and out on company supplied mobile devices. Features to speed up the process of restocking products have since been added.
  • Hotline bling: You get a phone, you get a phone, and you get a phone. As part of the rollout, Walmart will be giving its employees Samsung smartphones equipped with the app. Walmart will cover the costs of the phones, cases, and warranties, but any services (call & text) are on the employees' dime.

Find out more about how this app is helping Walmart save time and increase efficiency HERE. However, not everyone is happy about their phone plan.

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