We Volunteer as Tribute

March 9, 2021


We Volunteer as Tribute

NWA Daily

Word on the street is that a huge cable network is currently looking for couples and families who are interested in taking on a $150k+ renovation on a family farm, home, barn, historic property, large building, or cabin.

  • Now, you're probably thinking you've heard this one before - I mean HGTV's Fixer to Fabulous is right in our backyard. Think again - Downtown Bentonville Inc. has announced that this casting call is separate from the Bentonville-based HGTV show.
  • However, the network is looking for a specific criteria including:
    • A house with a commercial side to the build (example: farmhouse, barn, cabin or play structure for the kids - animals are a plus).
    • A historic house and location being turned into bed and breakfast.
    • A larger historic property in Downtown Bentonville, such as a run-down construction build. -5 News
  • Does this sound like your place? APPLY HERE.

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