Web3 Entertainment To Enter The Hearthland

January 11, 2022

Business & Technology

Web3 Entertainment To Enter The Hearthland

Tima Miro

Two businesses have partnered together to produce an animated series and bring a new age of entertainment to Northwest Arkansas.

  • Bringing life: Cartwheel Startup Studio and Jumpcut Media are working together on a multi part media project, which includes a film series as well as an illustrated seek-and-find book series unified by a collection of animated non-fungible token characters or NFTs.
  • New community: The film project revolves around the characters from The Society of the Hourglass, which is in a narrative universe of characters based on historical figures who time travel to advance society. The goal is for members of the online community to have continual input in the project and future stories. 

Learn more about the project HERE.

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