Welcome Home

April 26, 2021


Welcome Home

NWA Daily

See you in August. Walmart is planning for up to 50% of its corporate employees to return to their now dusty desk chair by the end of August. This target date marks almost 18 months since the diaspora from HQ back in March, 2020.

  • Walmart reported in an email sent out to associates last week that the company plans to begin having employees return to the office as early as June 30.
  • With vaccinations on the rise and cases on the decline, Walmart Chief People Officer Donna Morris thinks the time is right.

Quote: "We look forward to creating our new ways of working that will enable us to collaborate in person and provide flexibility as life requires, so we can contribute to building an even better Walmart for all,” Morris concluded in an email provided to Walmart associates.

You can read the full article HERE.

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