Where and How to Celebrate Black History Month in NWA

February 6, 2021

Black History Month

Where and How to Celebrate Black History Month in NWA

February is Black History Month and there are plenty of exciting events in NWA to get involved and celebrate the history and culture of Black Americans. Leisurlist put together a comprehensive list of all events in the area, lasting all month long.

  • Virtual Events (Feb. 2-6)
    • Honoring the Legacy (Feb. 2) - Virtual Lunch and Learn - Join Judge Wylie Branton, Jr. for a lively lunchtime discussion hosted by the University of Arkansas School of Law, the Office of Admissions, and the Arkansas Alumni Association.
    • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Modern Age (Feb. 3) A conversation with Reginald J. Miller, McDonald's Vice President and Global Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer.
  • In-Person Events (Feb. 2-6)
  • Virtual Events (Feb. 7-14)
    • Sweet Chariot (Feb. 10) - For students - Contact University of Arkansas Housing to participate: housing@uark.edu
    • Barbershop Talk (Feb. 11) The barbershop is essential in the Black community. It's the place where you get your hair cut and have conversations about anything in the world. This series will be facilitated conversations geared toward the black male.
  • Virtual Events (Feb. 15-21)
    • The New Era of Blackness (Feb. 19) This event will provide a historical and sociopolitical description of Black politics and social change.
    • Get Faded, Get Screened (Feb. 20) Healthcare and mental health are often overlooked for men in the Black community. This event provides information, screenings, and other healthcare necessities for men.
  • Virtual Events (Feb. 22-28)
    • Untamed: Curls, Coils, and Conversations (Feb. 23) This year's event will feature Sarah Roberts, author of You and Your Hair: The Ultimate Healthy Hair Masterclass for Afro Textured Hair. They will also have a style showcase featuring local stylists and barbers.
    • Trap N Paint (Feb. 26) This will be a time for you to listen to some fly tunes and be inspired to paint what you are feeling. All supplies for the Trap & Paint will be provided by the Multicultural Center.

We hardly covered it all! Head over to Leisurlist's website to see the full list.

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