Creativity and Imagination Required

June 22, 2021

Sponsored by Art Feeds

Creativity and Imagination Required

Art Feeds

There's a mystery and you're required to help solve it. Local nonprofit, Art Feeds believes children's creativity and imagination is their greatest resource, which is why they're launching Art Feeds Summer Camp.

  • Detectives needed: In an effort to keep children entertained and engaged this summer, Art Feeds has launched its Camp in a Box. The Art Feeds team will lead the artist detectives through 8 different projects in 4 days of digital camp.
  • 27,000: The number of students impacted from Art Feeds last year in schools. The summer camp is part of an overarching effort to help children process and express feelings in a creative manner. ALL proceeds from Camp in a Box support their Community Assist Program.

Discover more about the Art Feeds Camp and what to expect HERE. The presale ends this Friday (June 25), and scholarships are available.

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