Wine And Dine At Ella's Table

October 1, 2022

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Wine And Dine At Ella's Table

NWA Daily

With over 100+ years of history, Carnall Hall was built as Arkansas's first all women's dorm. Located on Old Main's lawn, we had the chance to try it's updated restaurant, Ella's Table.

  • Name sake: Opening in 2018, the full service restaurant was named after Miss Ella Howison Carnall, an 1881 graduate of the U of A and professor. Now managed by Chef William Mauk, the restaurant has a modern yet southern vibe with its iconic wrap-around porch.
  • Pairings: We tried the pizzas with a wine paring, which did not disappoint. Their selection of food and drinks from Lambeth Lounge were impressive. If you're a wine-o, they have a bimonthly event called UnWined.

You can more about Carnell Hall's history and current offerings HERE.

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