Woof & Wander Put On Egg Hunt For Dogs

April 15, 2022


Woof & Wander Put On Egg Hunt For Dogs

NWA Daily

There are egg hunts happening all over for kids, but what about furry kids?? Well, Woof & Wander in Rogers is sponsoring The Great Downtown Rogers Egg Hunt as a fun way for you and your pup to celebrate the season!

  • Hunt: The hunt starts today and will go through Sunday, April 17. There will be a number of plastic eggs hidden in and around Downtown Rogers and will be clearly marked for this event. They will have dog-friendly treats inside and a ticket for a prize! 
  • Redeem: In order for a greater number of participants, and to keep it fair, there will only be one prize per player. So wander around downtown, let your dog find an egg, and bring the ticket inside to Woof & Wander to redeem your prize. 

For more information, click HERE

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