Work-From-Home Trend is Cratering Commercial Contracting

January 9, 2021

Real Estate

Work-From-Home Trend is Cratering Commercial Contracting

Although non-residential construction and commercial real estate are on the downhill due to more businesses opting to work-from-home, the residential sector is gaining traction.

  • This uptick can be contributed to historically low interest rates and housing inventories. People are spending less on vacations and entertainment, and more on household items like appliances, doors, and windows.
  • However, as 2021 gets underway, certain parts of commercial construction will continue to thrive, says Baldwin & Shell Construction Company President and CEO Scott Copas. -Talk Business & Politics
  • Copas also mentioned that projects in NWA have yet to slow down and are actually backlogged. Other parts of south and central Arkansas weren't so lucky.
  • “I would say overall the market is fairly good, but we do have some challenges out there...generally, we’re optimistic," said Nabholtz CEO Greg Williams to Talk Business & Politics.

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