XNA Art Installation Complete

August 24, 2022

Arts & Culture

XNA Art Installation Complete

Justkids and OZ Art NWA

The Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA) revealed yesterday the completed “Ice and a Slice” installation covering the exterior of two side-by-side service buildings at the airport. 

  • Air lingo: The installation was produced by OZ Art NWA and took its title from a classic British air hostess line, “Would you like ice and a slice of lemon in your drink?” 
  • Art experience: Ice and a Slice is meant to give visitors who fly into XNA a taste of NWA energy and “an impression of the art experiences that are part of everyday life” in the region. The installation is also reflected inside the airport terminal, allowing people to get close to Walala’s work in addition to seeing it from the sky. 

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