XNA Art Takeover Begins Today

May 11, 2022

Travel & Art

XNA Art Takeover Begins Today

NWA Daily (Mural at 8th Street Market)

Installation for a brand new mural covering two entire side-by-side service buildings (including the rooftops) along Regional Avenue leading to the Airport starts today, and it is only the beginning of an “XNA takeover.” 

  • In and out: OZ Art Northwest Arkansas and Justkids in a partnership with the Northwest Arkansas National Airport have commissioned a French artist to create a massive scale installation, visible from the air, and an interior installation to match and allow travelers to get a close-up of the artist’s work. 
  • In the name: The exterior art installation will be called “Ice and Slice” as a nod to the classic British air hostess line, “Would you like ice and slice of lemon in your drink?” It will be revealed in its completion at the end of June. 

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