XNA Looks Forward to 2021 After Record Low Travel Year

January 19, 2021


XNA Looks Forward to 2021 After Record Low Travel Year

Suhyeon Choi

After a 60 percent drop in travel between January and December last year, XNA is left scrambling to figure out what's next for the airport in 2021. Andrew Branch, XNA's Chief Development Officer, said the COVID-19 pandemic "took the wind out of our [XNA] sails" after a record-setting year in 2019.

  • Branch said XNA's top priority is restoring confidence in airlines for travelers by promoting social distancing measures and mandatory mask requirements.
  • Both business and leisure travel are on the rise, but the real difference will be when the majority of travelers become vaccinated, Branch said.
  • Airport administrators are currently in the design phase for the construction of a sky bridge that will safely transport flyers from the parking lot to the TSA checkpoint, and have plans to add interior elevators and escalators as well.
  • Listen to the full story on KUAF.

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