XNA Receives $13M For Terminal Improvement Projects

July 9, 2022


XNA Receives $13M For Terminal Improvement Projects

NWA Daily

The Northwest Arkansas National Airport will receive $13 million in grant money from a federal terminal improvement plan. 

  • A chosen few: The Federal Aviation Administration of the US Department of Transportation is awarding a total of $1B to 85 US airports for terminal improvement projects this year. A total of 532 airports submitted applications. 
  • Projects: The $13 million for XNA will go toward a terminal renovation that includes adding a sky bridge, connecting the parking deck to the terminal, two new escalators, and two elevators. There are also plans for a second runway, immersive art murals, and a nearby hotel. As the NWA community grows, its airport is doing well to keep up.

Read more about the latest grant HERE

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