Your Civic Duty To-Do List

April 7, 2021


Your Civic Duty To-Do List

NWA Daily

Early voting begins today (4/6) in Bentonville, and there are a number of important issues on the ballot including asking voters to amend an ordinance and deciding on a bond extension that will catalyze improvements across the city.

  • Bond extension: The Bentonville City Council is asking voters voters to consider a bond extension that will allow infrastructure, public safety, and efficiency improvements without a tax increase, utilizing the extension of the City's one-cent sales tax. This is a bond extension previously approved by voters in 2003 and 2007. Election day is a week from today (4/13).

  • Amend away: Voters will be asked to yay-or-nay an ordinance that would amend ordinance No. 2003-108, allowing a 1% sales and use tax to extend within the City of Bentonville. The extension will finance capital improvements for municipal purposes and/or to pay and secure the repayment of capital improvement bonds approved by voters. 5 News

Consider it done: All information regarding polling places, registration and more can be found HERE.

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