Conifer: Planting Seeds of Community in Bentonville Through Exceptional Gluten-Free Cuisine in NWA

By: NWA Daily

In Northwest Arkansas, our region is blessed with an ever-evolving culinary scene as new and exciting restaurants continue to emerge. We recently had the pleasure of dining at Conifer, and it's safe to say that this exceptional gluten-free restaurant is one of the best additions to the NWA food scene in recent years.

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Seeds of Community: Conifer's Mission and Vision

Conifer, a 100% gluten-free restaurant, opened its doors last year in the Howard Building in Bentonville. The driving force behind the restaurant is award-winning local chef Matt Cooper. Inspired by the power of food to bring people together, Cooper is deeply committed to sourcing ingredients from regional farmers based on seasonal availability and designing his menu around that.

At Conifer, the focus is not only on providing delicious gluten-free dishes but also on fostering a sense of community by connecting diners with the local farmers responsible for the ingredients that make each dish shine.

A Delectable Gluten-Free Dining Experience

During our recent visit to Conifer, we were treated to an array of locally-sourced dishes that left us impressed and eager to return. Among our favorites were the Lions Mane mushrooms, roasted cauliflower, succulent pork shank, and the perfectly seasoned rubbed tri-tip.

With its diverse menu offerings and dedication to seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine, Conifer is a must-visit destination for food lovers in Northwest Arkansas, whether or not they follow a gluten-free diet.

The Conifer Experience: More Than Just a Meal

As a chef-owned restaurant with a clear vision, Conifer is not only about offering mouthwatering gluten-free dishes but also about fostering a sense of community and connection through the shared experience of enjoying exceptional food. By supporting local farmers and putting the spotlight on seasonal ingredients, Conifer is truly planting seeds of community through its dang good food.

If you're looking for a unique dining experience that combines delicious gluten-free dishes with a strong sense of community, be sure to visit Conifer in Bentonville, Arkansas. To learn more about this outstanding restaurant and its mission, click HERE.

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