Crêpes Paulette: The Art of Authentic French Crêpes in Bentonville, Arkansas

By: NWA Daily

Crêpes Paulette, founded by Bentonville native Paula Jo Chitty Henry and her French husband Frédéric Henry, has been delighting the taste buds of Northwest Arkansas since 2010. Starting as a food truck on the Bentonville Square, they have successfully expanded their culinary offerings and have since opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant in 2016. At Crêpes Paulette, you can expect delicious, innovative, and fast-casual spins on various cuisines, all wrapped in their traditional, authentic French crêpes and galettes.

Crepes Paulette

Innovative Menu and Quality Ingredients

Each handheld creation is made fresh to order, featuring quality ingredients, proprietary recipes, and attention to detail. From their classic Nutella banana sweet crêpe to their wildly popular gluten-free Thai savory crepe, the menu caters to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences.

Eco-Friendly and Community-Oriented

Crêpes Paulette is committed to minimizing packaging and food waste, recycling, and participating in fundraisers for the Northwest Arkansas community and beyond. With the opening of their brick-and-mortar restaurant, they've continued these efforts while expanding their offerings, maintaining the lighthearted and friendly atmosphere cultivated at the food truck.

Tips from the Locals

If you're visiting Bentonville and looking for a delightful crêpe experience, here are some recommendations:

  1. For the classic "French" experience: La Complète (savory); Nutella and banana (sweet)
  2. For the vegetarian: La Centrale or La Veggie Thai
  3. For the meat lover: La Bête
  4. For the hard-core sweet tooth: La Turtle


Crêpes Paulette is the perfect spot for anyone looking to indulge in the art of authentic French crêpes in Bentonville, Arkansas. Whether you visit their food truck or their brick-and-mortar restaurant, you're sure to enjoy a memorable culinary experience. So, why not stop by one of their locations soon and immerse yourself in the delightful world of Crêpes Paulette?

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