Whole Health, Counseling & Therapy in NWA

By: Gael Langdon

Northwest Arkansas is leading the state in many ways with its active plans for clean energy, its elevating tech scene, its strong foothold in advanced air mobility, and its mountain biking infrastructure. Among the array of reasons NWA is a great place to be, the region is also making moves to be known for its approach to holistic health. 

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Already, institutions like the University of Health and Performance, the Children's Safety Center, and the Whole Health Institute create environments where the priority and emphasis are on the health of the whole person. The region's latest endeavor to make NWA an epicenter of holistic health is the Alice L. Walton School of Medicine, which is working to combine conventional medicine with integrative techniques and principles. Emotional and mental health is top of mind right now for many people and is an essential part of the well-rounded nature of a healthy community. 

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While new initiatives are happening, there are already several organizations in NWA for counseling and therapy of all kinds. One of the hardest things sometimes, we think, is how many options there are. So the team at NWA Daily has done some research to narrow down 13 counseling options in the region to create a resource for your mental and emotional health journey.

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In order by location:

1. Psychology and Counseling Associates

1 W. Sunbridge Dr., Fayetteville

5434 W Walsh Ln., Rogers

Psychology and Counseling Associates has been voted Best Mental Health Clinic for 10 years in a row. It has an office in Fayetteville and Rogers and offers services for ADHD/Learning Difficulties, Alcohol Use Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Marital Therapy, PTSD, Sexual Health, Eating Disorders, and more. 

Fayetteville: 479.443.5575

Rogers: 479.442.2311

2. Talk Center Counseling Services

130 N College Ave, Fayetteville

Talk Center Counseling strives to help people find their sense of wholeness. Their licensed professional counselors and social service workers serve adults, families, teens, and children. Talk Center Counseling also offers group therapy for teenage girls and a yoga group for those suffering from anxiety.


3. The Joshua Center

3680 N. Investment Dr, Fayetteville

2105 S. 54th St, Rogers

920 S. Caroline St, Siloam Springs

The Joshua Center offers individual adult therapy, therapy for children, adolescents, and families, couples therapy, pre-marital counseling, and discernment work. The center utilizes different approaches such as emotionally-focused therapy, play therapy, EMDR, brain spotting, and others. 

Fayetteville: 479.435.9356

Rogers: 479.268.4557

Siloam Springs: 479.373.2377

4. Midtown Counseling

1845 Green Acres Rd, Fayetteville

 Midtown Counseling provides counseling services and specialized evaluations to individuals, families, and groups. They accept most major insurance providers and are certified by the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling, the National Board of Certified Counselors, and the American Counseling Association.


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5. Pinnacle Counseling 

5500 W Pinnacle Pointe Dr, Rogers

Pinnacle Counseling has been serving the Rogers area for 15 plus years with client-centered approaches to anxiety, depression, marriage and family counseling, etc. Pinnacle Counseling counselors help their clients find empowerment and clarity to achieve their wellness goals. 


6. Oaks Counseling

6815 Isaac's Orchard Rd, Springdale

Oaks Counseling is a group of trained and certified counselors with decades of combined experience who are fully equipped to help you process whatever it is you need to move toward a healthier life. 

7. Professional Counseling Services of NWA

6801 Isaac's Orchard Rd, Springdale

Professional Counseling Services of NWA specialize in individual counseling, stress management, clinical hypnosis, and professional life coaching. At Professional Counseling Services of NWA, you are the expert of your own life, collaborating with an expert in counseling to find solution-focused, individualized goals and treatments for your issues. 


8. Brookway Counseling

801 Carlton St, Springdale

Brookway Counseling has a team of qualified and experienced counselors specializing in depression and anxiety counseling, ADHD, EMDR therapy, Christian counseling, psychological testing, eating disorders, marriage and family counseling, and online teletherapy.


9. NWA Premier Therapy

2103 S 54th St, Rogers

NWA Premier Therapy specializes in trauma-focused counseling, though they also offer play therapy, therapy for those struggling with HSP issues, therapy for LGBTQIA+ individuals, grief counseling, and much more.


479.389.8188 (text)

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10. Fresh Roots Counseling

3901 W Financial Pkwy, Rogers

Fresh Roots Family Counseling has been serving the NWA community since 1995. They have a team of 20+ licensed professional counselors specializing in many therapy areas. Some techniques that make Fresh Roots stand out are Emotion-Focused couples therapy, EMDR, play therapy, co-parenting counseling, and Sexual Addiction Therapy.


11. Bentonville Counseling Collective

2104 SE 14th St, Bentonville

Bentonville Counseling Collective offers counseling services to all those wanting to make a positive change in their lives. They specialize in relationship counseling, gender transition counseling, expressive arts therapy, therapy for therapists, telehealth video counseling, and trauma-informed therapy.


12. Creative Counseling Center

902 McClain Rd, Bentonville

The counselors of the Creative Counseling Center of NWA have created a space of casual, confidential, and collaborative conversation to aid you on your healing journey. They offer services to individuals and couples for a wide variety of issues. 


13. Soul Talk Therapy

900 SE 5th St, Bentonville

Soul Talk Therapy is in a quaint, comfortable space with dedicated counselors cultivating safe environments to explore thoughts, feelings, and experiences without any threat of judgment. 


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If you're still looking to find free and affordable counseling near you, or you want to learn more about what is available, check out opencounseling.com. For tips on how to find a counselor fit for you in NWA, read this blog post from Fresh Roots Family Counseling.

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